ESPN’s First Take continues to be a bizarre cesspool of inappropriate behavior

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Dan Orlovsky sniffing Molly Qerim’s shoe

Dan Orlovsky sniffing Molly Qerim’s shoe
Screenshot: ESPN

We already know Dan Orlovsky is an odd character. The former NFL QB — best remembered for running out of the back of his own end zone — admitted on Twitter that he uses his towel at least 30 times before washing it; and once went on The Pat McAfee Show to reveal his wife’s poop schedule.

Skip & Skip: Condescending

Over on First Take — where Stephen A. Smith has sexually harassed his female colleagues on air — Orlovsky was seen sniffing co-host Molly Qerim’s shoe.

“Are you really sniffing the shoe?” Qerim asked. “I just got the shoe and I have tights on. Don’t be weird.”

Smith confirmed: “He just sniffed the shoe,”

“I don’t know about you, Dan,” Shannon Sharpe chimed in. “I’ve gotta keep an eye on you.”

“He might have a foot fetish,” Smith added. “Dan might be one of those.”

Qerim said the black Attico pumps were a gift from Stephen A. after he had lost a bet. 

Not to be outdone, Orlovsky — whose awful food takes are well-known and widely reviled — ate a pancake off the floor during a Get Up! segment.

How women are treated on the show is an issue in itself. In November, Smith and Marcus Spears took an on-air aside to address “the fellas” to stop asking to date co-host Kimberly A. Martin. That same month, Qerim had to call out Stephen A. for breaking out a different, more sultry voice tone when addressing Martin.

ESPN’s ongoing hostility against women has been reported on extensively and has resulted in several lawsuits. 

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