Whether he likes it or not, Jerry Jones has to take a paternity test

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Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones will be forced to take a paternity test as part of an ongoing legal dispute with a 27-year-old woman who claims to be his daughter.

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A judge in Texas rejected Jones’ appeal of a 2022 ruling on a paternity suit filed by Alexandra Davis, who alleges that Jones is her biological father after he had a relationship with her mother in the mid-1990s.

Davis’ initial March 2022 lawsuit alleged that Jones “pursued” Alexandra’s mother, Cynthia Davis, who was also married at the time. The two met while Cynthia was working at American Airlines in Little Rock, Ark. The suit also asked a judge to void a legal agreement she claims her mother reached with Jones two years after Alexandra’s birth. The 1998 settlement allegedly exchanged financial support from Jones – $375,000 along with “certain monthly, annual and special” funding for Alexandra out of a trust – for public silence on Alexandra’s biological relation to Jones. Davis dropped that lawsuit a month after filing it, instead opting for a paternity case to prove Jones is her father.

The Cowboys owner, who has been married to Eugenia Jones since 1963, denied the contents of the 1998 settlement. According to ESPN, attorneys for Jones said that Alexandra Davis has received “millions of dollars” from Jones over the course of her lifetime.

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