Patrick Beverly is doing what he does best — running his mouth

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Pat Bev loves to talk

Pat Bev loves to talk
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Patrick Beverly is at it again, doing what he does best on and off the court, and that’s running his mouth. On the latest episode of The Pat Bev Podcast, Beverley talked about what happened in Los Angeles regarding why they didn’t win.

“It wasn’t basketball. It was other shit but other shit that you couldn’t point out… The vibes were sometimes on, sometimes off. Inconsistent vibes lead to inconsistent play.”

Undoubtedly there are plenty of issues to go around in L.A. concerning the Lakers organization. You can say that both on and off the court. LeBron James took a week’s hiatus after passing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on the all-time scorer’s list. Apparently, that nagging foot injury crept up on him again.

Beverley sounds slightly bitter here, vaguely airing out dirty laundry about the Lakers. It sounds like Pat Bev wanted to stay in Los Angeles but wasn’t adding much on the court. The best thing to come out of his brief Laker stint is Beverley’s budding friendship with former rival Russell Westbrook.

On a positive note, while Beverley was dealt away from another team, he gained a new BFF in Westbrook. He speaks glowingly about Russ and says, “That’s my dawg, lifetime dawg.” Both men were moved at the trade deadline, and Beverley has already been bought out by the Magic. Westbrook’s future in Utah is still up in the air, but a buyout is reportedly on the table.

Pat Bev feels he still has some basketball left in the tank, but maybe it’s time to move into that media career full-time. He’s got his podcast and made plenty of waves on ESPN last year during his appearances on the world wide leader. There’s no reason to rag on his former team at this point, especially one he barely spent half a season on. Pat Bev talks a good game. That’s what he gets paid to do, after all. At this point in his career, it’s what he does best. 

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