NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell wants to deprive fans of the ‘tush push’

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According to a rumor floating around the league, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is not a fan of the play that’s been affectionately dubbed the “tush push” or “brotherly shove” in Philadelphia. The Eagles’ nearly unstoppable gimmick play could go away soon if reports about Goodell wanting to ban it are true. This news comes from a report by The Athletic’s Dianna Russini.

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If this play is on the radar and it’s public knowledge that the Commish doesn’t like it, then those who love it should enjoy it over these last two months of the season. Of course, it’ll be discussed by the competition committee in the offseason, a committee on which the Eagles have no representation. Every other NFC East team, though, does have a representative on the committee, which includes owners, coaches, and general managers. What do you think that means for the tush push come this offseason?

“Though it will all come down to the voting, the most important opinion about the play may come from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. I was told by a league source that Goodell wants to see this play removed from the game permanently.” – Dianna Russini

You can literally hear Eagles fans complaining about being singled out right now. It may be unfair, as it is currently a legal play–a cluster ‘F’ of play but legal, nonetheless. Obviously, this all boils down to the potential for injury and protecting players. At least, that’s what the league office is going with.

Players can get hurt on any play in such a violent game, but anytime big bodies are piled up like this, the threat is even greater. While injuries haven’t increased from the brotherly shove, Goodell is taking preventative steps for once. Usually, we get a reaction to an injury or something controversial instead of what Goodell is attempting here.

Since Goodell is the primary force against removing the Eagles’ signature play, fans all over the league will likely be against this due to their hate for the NFL’s authority figure. Complete removal might not be necessary if you give it time. Remember the “wildcat” formation? That came and went in a flash. About halfway through the second year of that fad, defenses began to figure it out, and offenses slowly began to go away from it.

If Goodell is worried about the possibility of serious injuries occurring from the tush push, he’s right to outlaw it sooner rather than later. It sucks for the Eagles, who have used it to great effect and even more so since they don’t have a voice to advocate for it on the competition committee. According to the league’s web site, Goodell selects committee members, so don’t be surprised if Philly lobbies the league office for representation moving forward. You can’t have a say if there’s nobody in the room.

This all comes down to overall success. If the Eagles weren’t the class of the NFC two years running, other franchises wouldn’t have any issues. But with such a good team dominating the league with one play, other teams will get in their feelings behind the scenes. That’s what this comes down to, and it wouldn’t be shocking if the vote is unanimous to eliminate the tush push. 

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