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Hi friends! How are you? I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend and enjoyed the week. Ours has been a blur, but filled with fun adventures and time with friends. The girls had sleepovers, I met up with a friend for Pilates, and it was Liv’s recital weekend.

In the background of all of the fun, I’ve still been dealing with eye issues. I’ve been to a few doctors (optometrists and urgent care) and finally got some answers after seeing an ophthalmologist. We have an action plan and I’m really praying that things turn up before our upcoming trip. Please send all of the happy eye vibes my way! At this point, I don’t care if I have to wear glasses the entire time; I just want to not think about about my eyes all day (and night. Blah).

Our bathroom counter looks like the eye section at Walgreen’s.

(I also wash a ton of washcloths and my pillow case every day, and my hands are cracked and scabbed from constant washing)

Even though I’ve been dealing with the eye saga, I got to enjoy a blissful four days at Miraval with some of my best work buddies: Natasha, Giselle, Kim and Amber! We have a minimind together and meet quarterly to discuss business goals, brainstorm, and strategize. With this most recent trip, we were at one of the most Zen and beautiful places, and got to enjoy amazing food, relaxation,

spa services, and activities. It’s like a summer camp for health-minded adults 😉 (You can check out previous Miraval experiences here and here.)

I checked into my room and it was airy and gorgeous. The bed was like the fluffiest cloud, there was a pitcher of filtered water in the fridge, cozy robes, and a reading nook area.

Since the girls got in later in the afternoon, I hit up the gym, grabbed lunch from their healthy buffet, and lounged in the hot tub and sauna for a bit.

Once the girls checked in, it was a mix of time at the pool,

in the conference room working,

working out,

eating delicious food, and enjoying extra activities and spa services.

We enjoyed a five-course chef tasting with wine:

and attended a lecture on Manifestation, which was very interesting.

For my extra activities, I decided to skip out on the spa services since I already have a local massage therapist and facialist that I love, and wanted to try some of the offerings that are unique to Miraval.

The first one was a Purple Sage Equine Meditation. It ended up being a private session and was way more powerful and impactful than I was expecting.

Here’s a little bit more about horse meditation:

Horses have a natural ability to sense and reflect the emotions and energy of those around them, making them ideal partners for meditation. Engaging in horse meditation involves creating a calm and serene environment in the presence of horses. This practice can take place in a pasture, stable, or even during a guided meditation session with horses nearby. The gentle presence and rhythmic movements of horses can help individuals enter a state of relaxation and mindfulness.

During horse meditation, one can focus on observing the horses, their movements, and their interactions with each other. This observation promotes a sense of grounding and connection to the present moment. Horses are highly intuitive animals, and can provide valuable insights and serve as mirrors for our emotions and internal states.

I was thinking I’d get to wander around and pet some horses (already an A+ experience in my book), and call it good. Instead, I was lead through a full-body grounding exercise and had the opportunity to work on mindfulness, with the horses feeding off my energy. The guide didn’t tell me anything about the horses, and it was interesting to see which ones gravitated towards me.

This was my favorite horse, Bodi, and turns out that even though he’s on the smaller side, he’s the leader of the entire pack. He stayed by my side the entire time, nuzzled me, and let me pet him. I loved every second. While I was with the horses, the guide took me through almost a mini therapy session, getting to some of the roots of my anxiety and emotions.

Another new experience: floating meditation with crystal bowls

I’ve taken one aerial yoga class and my favorite part, by far, was savasana, just floating in my little cocoon. So when I saw that this was an ENTIRE HOUR of that, I was like, “Sign me up.” We floated in our hammocks and listened to crystal bowls. Many people fell asleep, and I felt completely relaxed and blissful when it was over. It was my last experience of this trip and was the perfect way to end it.

I have to say, it’s been a little bit of a drag making food after this trip. It was such a gift to have a healthy buffet (and menu options) waiting for me when I woke up each morning.

Even so, I’ve been trying to maintain this Miraval mindset, even with my current eye drama, after I’ve been back home.

What’s a bucket list trip for you? Have you been to any amazing all-inclusive wellness resorts? I want to know about all the good ones!

I’ve been to Canyon Ranch a few times (here in Tucson and in the Berkshires), LOVED Mountain Trek Canada, and while it’s not a *wellness resort*, my new obsession is Twin Farms. We will probably go there to celebrate when the Pilot is officially retired from the Air Force.

Hope you’re having a lovely Monday and I’ll see ya soon!



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