Tell us more about the Aaron Rodgers ‘vibes,’ New York

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This is your man?

This is your man?
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This Aaron Rodgers New York Jets honeymoon phase sure is sweet. Rodgers is getting all the love, respect, and admiration he felt was no longer coming his way in Green Bay. Everyone in NYC is falling all over themselves, talking about how great it is having A-Rod on the team and how the “vibe” is so different with him running the show. That’s precisely what is happening now in New York for the Jets. It’s the Aaron Rodgers show and will be until they fall on their faces, and he flips that switch on everybody. But for now, everyone is vibing out on Aaron and soaking up all the extra attention it’s brought the Jets in June. Even with his tweaked calf it’s still all smiles and giggles.

Will Aaron Rodgers turn the Jets into instant contenders?

Talk more about the vibes

“It’s a different vibe,” Jets linebacker C.J. Mosley said. “He sets the bar. He sets the expectations with his résumé, with his name, and the way he approaches the game every single day.”

All reviews on Rodgers are glowing right now, but it’s still a new relationship. Wait until both sides (especially Aaron) get settled in, and we’re playing games in the fall. Let the Jets come out in Week 1 and fall flat on their faces. We’ll see how much those “leadership” qualities we all know Rodgers possess come out then. Let’s see how much of the blame he takes if he makes some bad passes and they lose.

They’re saying Rodgers’ presence can be felt all over the organization. By November, that presence will be more like a plague than anything. The Jets are just happy to be relevant and apparently don’t care that Rodgers isn’t a great leader and never wanted to be one. This move to bring in Rodgers was made for a Super Bowl run. Anything less will be a failure. Even if they somehow wind up in the AFC title game but lose, it’s still a failure. You’re not bringing in a self-centered, blame deflector like A-Rod at this stage of his career just for relevancy. Rodgers is in the big apple to “lead” the Jets to a Super Bowl victory. It just sucks that they aren’t going to get anywhere close to achieving their goal.

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