Per usual, Donald Trump is a pathetic, bloated old man with a bad take

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It’s become the norm for former President Donald Trump to post nonsensical thoughts onto whatever social media platforms still allow insurrectionists. And his thoughts on Rihanna’s halftime performance at Super Bowl LVII were no different. I bet you can guess what he thought about a woman of color being a soloist for music’s annual biggest stage. For a “stable genius” who actually is the dumbest, most unhinged flaming pile of crapola to ever hold the highest political office in this country, Trump is disgustingly comfortable attacking women, minorities and anyone who disagrees with him.

Making her grand return to live performances for the first time in several years, Rihanna showed off her baby bump during the opening lines of “Bitch Better Have My Money” and her publicist confirmed she’s pregnant with her second child. Despite carrying a child, RiRi performed a dozen hits in 13 minutes while singing at ground level and sometimes 10 stories above State Farm Stadium’s turf. There weren’t any guest stars and it wasn’t as flashy as last year’s performance. And Trump thought it was the worst halftime performance in the history of the Super Bowl. Something tells me the orange psycho wasn’t exactly vibing to “Only Girl (In The World)” with Melania before Sunday. Also, did you not watch Maroon 5’s performance in 2019? God, that was such shit. At least they had Big Boi.

Trump’s patterns of sexism and racism, meanwhile, have been well documented. This is just another sorry example for someone a majority of Americans have disliked since he entered the political sphere. Rihanna killed it and showed why she’s one of the best performers of her generation. And because she doesn’t agree with Trump, he must send a message down talking her into the world. No real man picks on women to make themselves feel better. How shallow he is.

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