Mike Vrabel wants Will Levis to not try and truck defenders

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Mike Vrabel is hoping some reverse psychology will work with his rookie QB.

Apparently, the Tennessee Titans head coach showed Will Levis film of quarterbacks sliding to protect themselves. Clearly, that wasn’t getting through to the mayo in his coffee-loving signal-caller, who tried to run over Jalen Ramsey.

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Vrabel’s solution?

“I guess we’ll have to show him video of quarterbacks not sliding and getting the sh*t knocked out of them. We’re gonna try it the other way this week,” the former linebacker said during a press conference.

“I really appreciate Will’s level of competitive,” Vrabel said. “We’ve seen that through the college process, and the evaluation, and his opportunities here. … I appreciate the level of his competitiveness, and his understanding of the things that happen that are negative, aren’t going to have any impact going forward. … Being able to process and move ahead is critical.”

Levis guided Tennessee to a comeback Monday Night Football victory over the Miami Dolphins, throwing for 327 yards and a touchdown.

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