If you’re trying to reach the College Football Playoff committee…

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The wrath of Florida State football fans continues to be felt after being snubbed by the College Football Playoff Committee for a shot at the National Title.

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The CFP website has a contact page, where anyone can find the emails and phone numbers of committee members, and an address listed. The page had to be removed after enough FSU fans bombarded the committee with letters, phone calls, and emails voicing their outrage.

FSU fans are still outraged, but have some sense of relief knowing that they got under their skin. “We broke them,” a Florida State fan wrote according to Athlon Sports.

The Seminoles are the ACC champions this year and finished the regular season with a perfect 13-0 record. There was talk of their quarterback, Jordan Travis, being a Heisman finalist before a season-ending leg injury. They are the first undefeated Power Five team to not make the playoffs in all of its history.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (and his lifted boots) is trying to get taxpayers to shell out $1 million to sue over the Seminoles’ snub.

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