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NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport is reporting that Rob Gronkowski is considering a return to the NFL. Gronkowski tweeted “I’m kinda bored,” on Dec. 21. According to Rapaport, a handful of teams reached out to him to see if he was serious.

With the playoffs a fortnight and change away, the Dallas Cowboys, Buffalo Bills, Baltimore Ravens, New York Giants, and of course, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, could all use his services after the turn of the year.

The idea of mercenary Gronk, who emerges every January from the set of a USAA commercial to provide a team with 200-plus receiving yards and a few touchdowns to try and help boost them to a Super Bowl championship, could be fun. However, that is not a career goal for him.

On Sunday, Rapaport said on NFL Network’s Gameday Morning that Gronk is not interested in coming out of retirement this season, but there is a possibility that he would return to the field for the 2023 season. Maybe to team back up with Tom Brady who is a free agent next year.

Gronkowski made an appearance on FanDuel TV’s Up, Up and Adams show, and was adamant that he has no desire to return to the field… this season. He is currently not in the mindset to play football. However, he did not entirely rule out a future NFL return.

Whatever mindset that has this 33-year-old not wanting to put the pads back on, he needs to stay in it permanently. Brady might call with a tempting offer if he decides to continue his NFL career in a new location. If Brady is calling for any other reasons than a golf date or another advertising opportunity Gronkowski’s answer needs to be “no.”

Not every player is meant to be Brady, or even play as long as two other legendary tight ends — Antonio Gates and Tony Gonzalez. When Gronkowski was at his best, he was the best to ever play his position. He was an unstoppable force when making a play on the football, or as a blocker. From 2011-2017, every season in which Gronkowski played in at least 12 games, he totaled 1,000-plus receiving yards. He also hauled 10 or more touchdown passes five times.

If Gronkowski’s time as one of the top players in the NFL felt short, that’s because of all of the injuries that he suffered on the field. The back surgeries, the torn ACL and MCL, and the four surgeries that it took to completely heal his broken forearm. In order to play, Gronk would have had to play in a device that looked like it was designed by Tony Stark. He took a load of punishment throughout his career, but he also dished out plenty. Gronkowski will be a first-ballot Hall of Famer, and with four Super Bowl rings, he is not in need of more jewelry.

You don’t wanna be out there Gronk.

Training Camp. Spending six months of your life watching more film than Richard Roeper. Jalen Carter is coming, and you would have to chip him.

You’re still 6-foot-7, and the safeties you snatch balls away from are just going to get younger and angrier when they knock your legs out from under you.

You saw the Dolphins’ first few games of this season, and the arctic blast that hurled snow and negative temperatures across America during the holidays. An outdoor football field is no place to be in your mid-30s during climate change.

My message is simple Rob Gronkowski: Stay home and count your money

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