Chandler Parsons taken to task on Twitter over LeBron James critique

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In case you missed it, we had Chandler Parsons sighting recently, and it wasn’t on an NBA team’s injured reserve list. The oft-injured former NBA player is no longer on a roster in the Association if you can believe that. Now that his play days are officially over, Parsons can be seen on FanDuel TV offering his two cents. During a recent episode, Parsons reacted to LeBron James’ reaction to not getting a foul call at the end of the Celtics game, which L.A. lost by four in overtime.

“I can watch my French Bulldog get run over by the mailman right now, and I would not react like that.”

The internet is not feeling Parsons’ critique of James’ reaction, whether it was too theatrical or not. It’s also funny hearing this come from a player who probably would’ve come up lame with an injury on the same play. After all, that’s pretty much how Parsons’ career can be summed up. He was hurt constantly, and Twitter hasn’t been shy about rehashing that fact.

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That doesn’t mean Parsons isn’t entitled to his opinion, but you know there are certain players/celebrities you can’t criticize without their fan base getting at you. The same way Stephen A. Smith felt the wrath a couple of weeks from Rihanna’s minion, Parsons is getting similar treatment on Twitter from King James’ kingdom.

Parsons suited up for 440 games during his nine-year NBA career with four NBA franchises. It’s hard to believe he played that many games because he was frequently sidelined with an injury. After being named to the 2012 All-Rookie team, Parsons was supposed to be the “next big thing” in the Association, but that never panned out.

Despite what anyone thinks of Parsons, he managed to make upward of $127 million in less than a decade in the league. That ain’t bad work if you can find it.

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