Are athletics training techniques used in other sports?

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A closer look at which athletics training techniques are currently used in several other major global sports

Athleticism is at the core of nearly every sport and there are eight different types of athletics training techniques used in many of the world’s major sports.

Training for a sporting event means staying in tip-top shape and improving performance. Here, we will be looking at some of the most conventional models of training that sportspersons have adopted in various contact sports, not just athletics.

What are the major athletics training techniques used in other sports?

The eight athletics training techniques that are commonly used in other sports to improve the performance of players include the following:

  • Weight training
  • Speed, agility and quickness training
  • Plyometric training
  • Circuit training
  • Fartlek training
  • Continuous training
  • Flexibility and mobility training
  • Interval training

Sportspeople use these techniques to strengthen their body and improve confidence, increase sharpness and boost skill levels. It’s not uncommon to find these techniques in training sessions by people in the following sports:

  • Football/Soccer
  • Ice Hockey
  • American Football
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Tennis
  • Swimming
  • Table tennis
  • Rugby League and Union
  • Badminton

People in many other major global sports, such as volleyball, cricket, field hockey, boxing, mixed martial arts, cycling, Gaelic football, Aussie Rules, lacrosse, floorball, handball and even motocross and speedway also use most of these techniques to their benefit.

As an aside, training regimes, injuries, recovery and fitness techniques are elements which sportsbook makers look at when assessing and setting odds for events in which athletes participate. Athletics, rugby, ice hockey, NFL, NBA, baseball and football betting markets would not be able to offer such accurate and competitive odds without factoring in all elements which may affect the performance of athletes and the potential outcome of any given sporting event

As well as football betting markets for today’s top-flight leagues, such as the Premier League, Serie A, Ligue 1, the Bundesliga, and La Liga, you can also find betting markets for all of the other sports mentioned above.

Budapest (Laszlo Zsigmond)

Major sporting events to look forward to over the coming months

The European Athletics Indoor Championships is from March 2-5 in Istanbul but the No.1 track and field event this year is the World Athletics Championships in Budapest from August 19-27.

Outside athletics, other sporting events in 2023 include the Grand National on April 15. In tennis, the French Open is from May 28 to June 11 with Wimbledon on July 3-16.

The European Games is in Poland from June 9-25 and the Tour de France from July 1-23. The women’s World Cup for soccer is in Australia and New Zealand from July 10 to August 20.

The World Aquatics Championships is from July 14-30 in Japan, while the UCI World Cycling Championships is Glasgow from August 3-13.

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